Bandeau du concours Génération Bockchain Saison 1 2016-2017


Welcome to Génération Blockchain Season 1’s website for 2016-2017. Join the blockchain revolution now!

Bitcoin, data mining, Merkle trees or hashing… Whether this sounds like obscure IT jargon or you are familiar with such terms: it is impossible to miss the blockchain technology and all its potential. Created in 2008 with the invention of Bitcoin, blockchain’s use has now surpassed the sole cryptocurrency framework and all sectors are studying the ways it can revolutionize activities as diverse as e-commerce, asset transactions and the internet of things (IoT).

The Génération Blockchain challenge is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in this concept to carry out a complete blockchain project from its Business Case study to the development of a Proof Of Concept (POC). But, you might ask, what if I’m a complete novice? Don’t worry, you can assemble a competing team with various skills, and you’ll be advised by a mentor from Sia Partners, BNP Paribas or HSBC:

BNP Paribas HSBC Sia Partners

You will also be able to meet and exchange with the competition’s organizers at various events. More information is available about our sponsors in the Jury section. The challenge offers you a chance to win up to 7,000€:


Second prize:


First prize:


Third prize:
  • First Price: 7,000€
  • Second price: 5,000€
  • Third price: 3,000€

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If you are completely new to the Blockchain topic, make sure to check out this video which will tell you all about Blockchain:

To understand the extent of the blockchain phenomenon and discover its technology, you can also take a look at the following selection of articles and publications:

You can also check the Advice section for more details about the competition.


Key Information

The challenge is open to all students and recent graduates (up to two years), and participants can take part individually or in a team of up to three people.

Once registered (registration deadline is January 15th, 2017), you will be asked to imagine a disruptive use for blockchain technology and present it in a Business Case. You will have until January 25th, 2017 to complete this first phase and send your work to with all team members cc'ed.

Selected teams will then have to develop their Proof of Concept before the April 24th.

On May 11th, contestants will have the chance to present their work in front of jury members from Sia Partners, BNP Paribas and HSBC to try to win up to 7,000€.

All teams will be mentored throughout the competition, and at the end of this season all projects will be published in Open Source.

Here are the key dates for the competition:

  • DEC 01

    Registration opens

  • JAN 15

    Registration closes

  • JAN 25

    Business Case delivery

  • APRIL 24

    POCs delivery

  • MAY 11

    Rewarding ceremony

For further information, please read the rules here :

Why should you join?

Are you interested in tomorrow’s big economic challenges and disruptions? Whether you are a student from an engineering, business or other background, or a recent graduate, and whether or not you are familiar with Blockchain technology, this is the occasion for you to learn, develop and showcase invaluable business and technical skills. Through the Generation Blockchain challenge, you will be able to bring a revolutionary technology to life.

A mentor will follow your progress throughout the competition to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. This challenge is also the occasion for you to learn more about Blockchain technology and its current importance in today’s financial and economic sectors. Moreover, tips, practical advice and a series of best practices will be provided by the Generation Blockchain team in order for you to develop your business and/or technical skills.

This will also be a unique occasion for you to meet and exchange with renowned finance professional and Blockchain specialists.

Last but definitely not least, your project could lead you to win one of our prizes (up to 15,000€ to be shared between the winners)!


> How can I participate in the Generation Blockchain Challenge?

Easy! Just sign-up here and follow the various steps of the competition.

> Can I still join if I’m not a Blockchain specialist?

Of course! It is a new and developing technology, and through our challenge, you will be able to self-tech and rapidly foster your skills with the help of a mentor.

> I am not a computer science or finance major/My school is not a business or engineering school, can I still participate?

Yes, all students wishing to learn are welcome to participate. This is not a Fintech challenge; Blockchain technology is relevant to a wide range of sectors and all project ideas are welcome.

Please find the complete FAQ here:


Are you ready to join the revolution? No need to wait any longer: click below to register your team and fill out the form before January 15th. Each team member will receive a registration confirmation with further instructions for the next steps of the competition.

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Whether you are beginner or a budding Blockchain expert, here are some tips to guide you in this adventure.

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a Peer-to-Peer network. It is a ledger that is distributed across the globe. When changes to the ledger occur (like transfers of value/ownership or writing of a new Smart Contract) the changes are included into a “block” of transactions/changes/updates. The new block is added to the previous block in a linear, chronological order creating a chain of blocks: a Blockchain. This means the entire history of events is recorded on the Blockchain and can be consulted – acting as a public record.

Team composition

Teams can be composed of one to three members, from similar or different academic backgrounds. We advise you to form a team with complementary skills in project management, IT development, business or communication. Each member from a different background will bring another strength to your projects!

If you want to get involved in the challenge but would like one or two partners, feel free to contact the organizers at They can put you in contact with other participants looking for partners.

You must inform us of your team’s composition when registering; however, it is possible to modify it until the Business Case delivery deadline.

Phase 1 : Business Case

This step aims to show your creativity to the jury by presenting innovative concepts. Don’t limit yourself to the already existing solutions—be “disruptive”!

A template with the different parts asked by the jury is available to guide you and help you understand the jury’s expectations. Some parts are empty to enable you to develop ideas you’ll find relevant regarding your business case. Be creative and distinguish yourselves!

Describe your business case as a whole without forgetting any dimension: working, benefits, examples, technical aspect, project aspect, ... The more accomplished and coherent your project is, the better the jury can assess it. Keep in mind that you will not be able to present your work to the jury at the end of step 1—the jury will only have your document to evaluate your work, so be clear!

Phase 2 : Proof Of Concept

You have no technical constraints in terms of IT development. You can choose to create your prototype from scratch or to use APIs (Application Programing Interface).

An API is a tool to take in charge the Blockchain complexity and allows the developers to use pre-existing modules to create their own applications. Several applications are available: MultiChain, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, … These API will enable you to save time and focus on the application you have in mind.

Feel free to have a look at developer forums on the web. They provide plenty of information and could help you if you meet a technical difficulty. You can also use these forums to ask questions. We strongly recommend mutual aid between the different teams, keep this in mind for the meetings!

Some issue proposals:

Here is a list of issues the jury suggests. You can of course choose the topic you prefer (finance, transport, data management, …):

  • idée n°1   Cryptocurrencies applied to central, retail or investment banks or companies;
  • idée n°2   Smart Payments and Smart Money;
  • idée n°3   Smart Contracts;
  • idée n°4   KYC management;
  • idée n°5   Vote systems.

This list is far from exhaustive: don’t limit your creativity, be disruptive!

You can find all the resources at your disposal right here:


Should you enconuter any problem with the registration of your team or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organizers at, at 01 42 77 76 17 or via the following form :